Muskoka Steel Dock Company

About HSS Steel

Muskoka Steel Dock piling is 6″ round with a minimum of 3/8″ wall thickness and is concrete filled.  Our horizontal steel is 6″ and 8″ high Hollow Structural Steel (HSS) (see Picture 1 below).


In using the two sizes of HSS, we have developed a way to give a raised steel stringer for the boathouse wall, thus giving a natural break from interior to exterior wood.  (see Picture 2 below).  This way you don’t have to raise the boathouse to change boards in the future.


Muskoka Steel Dock can also build a heavy steel post and beam structure to further aid in the support of your boathouse.  (see Picture 3 below)


We also offer three different types of corrosion protection for the steel on your dock; red oxide shop primer, black apoxy coat, and hot dipped galvanized.  This gives you the ability to meet your budget with 3 different pricing options. (See Picture 4 below)